About LLC&B

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About LLBC


Liquor License Brokerage and Consulting (“LLB&C”) was established in 1980 by its owner and sole proprietor, Jerry Hamm.

Since 1980, hundreds of dispenser liquor license sales, acquisitions, transfers and leases have been successfully completed with Jerry’s, hands-on expertise. In addition, LLBC has processed the necessary paperwork for hundreds of wine and beer licenses.

Jerry is thoroughly knowledgeable with the New Mexico Liquor Control Act and all New Mexico Regulations pertaining to liquor licenses in New Mexico. Jerry is recognized as an expert in liquor related matters by the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of New Mexico and numerous New Mexico District Courts and, has provided expert testimony relative to liquor license matters.

LLBC can be your expert representative when it comes to New Mexico liquor license related matters. Please contact Jerry for all of your liquor license needs by calling him at (505)342-0523 or via e-mail at jhammllbc@aol.com.

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