LLB&C Services


LLBC specializes in all matters relevant to New Mexico liquor licensing, including but not limited to the services listed below, as follows:

Liquor license and business appraisal.
Liquor license purchase and sale transactions.
Liquor license leases.
Preparation and processing of regulatory body applications.
Sale and purchase of alcohol related business.
Transfers of ownership of liquor licenses.
Transfers of location of liquor licenses.
Interim leases of liquor licenses pending ownership transfers.

Reporting requirements applicable to changes in shareholders, directors, officers, members, managers, partners mergers and consolidations.

Sunday sale permits.
Liquor wholesalers debt clearances.
New Mexico Tax Clearances.
Resolution of citations.
Zoning Compliance.
Attendance and representation of applicants at Public Hearings before regulatory agencies and bodies.
Required legal publication.
Neighborhood Association and business compliance.
Site and demographic analysis.

Obtaining Special Dispenser Permits allowing a licensee to utilize its License for sale service of alcoholic beverages by the drink at a qualified location away from the licensed premises for either private or public celebrations.

LLB&C’s concentration is specific to liquor license related matters. LLB&C does not offer or otherwise provide legal, accounting and/or real property transaction counseling or advise. When advice or counsel specific to real estate, accounting and legal matters is warranted and/or requested, Jerry is happy to refer the client to appropriately licensed individuals in such fields having proven track records.

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